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Hey Everyone~

So excited to welcome you to my new blog. As some of you already know I am a big advocate for shifting habits when you want to change behavior and change your life. Habits are short cuts for the brain. If we had to think through every action of the day… well, we would not get much accomplished! However, once habits are in place we can become complacent about checking in to see which habits are still supporting our goals, dreams, and high quality life and which ones actually hold us back and may even harm us.

Here at The Good Habits Challenge we will be intentional about creating life boosting, practical habits that lead to a high quality life plus business or career success.

To get started: Choose one new habit to develop.

To choose a character trait to shift check out ideas in the article: One Word, One Focus, Creates Results — Check it out HERE
For more ideas on a new positive habit check out the article: Ideas Bank for Rewarding Long Term Daily Habits at the same link.

I’ll be getting more support up for you here real soon. Just as I am delving into beginning in action on this Blog, just begin and get started by writing down your new habit. Get it in front of you— hang it on your wall or computer screen, add it on your phone, in your Day-Timer, etc and get ready to put first things first!

Here’s to good habits for phenomenal results.

As you continue to change habits and change your life~


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