Overcoming Obstacles

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“You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life.” ~ Les Brown

Obstacles and challenges is a given. Plan ahead. How will you overcome them? While we cannot prepare for every situation we can prepare for sabotaging habits– thoughts and actions– that have thrown us off course in the past.

Successful people are proactive. Old habits are not erased by new habits. They are simply overwritten in the mind, but are still there tucked away. Create change and stay on course by planning and having a strategy to overcome old sabotaging thoughts or behaviors when they show up. Bad habits are not your personality. They are not beyond your control. Yes, they may be habits with a long history but still they can be broken through new choices. And they lose power with every small win.

Create Your Strategy Now

What thoughts or actions have derailed you in the past?

Procrastinating on an Unpleasant Task- Do it first thing in the morning.

An Overwhelming Goal- Break it down. Use small 15- 20 minutes increments to get started and build confidence in your new habit.

Negative Thoughts- Expect the old story to show up and have a new story ready to go to when it does. Such as: ‘I don’t feel like it’. Shift to: ‘Do you want regrets? Follow up with these deserving prospects, fill their needs, and get paid’.

Distractions- Set stronger boundaries to protect your new good habit and your dream.  Schedule time to return calls and handle email.  Let others know when you are available and when not to interrupt. Close your office door. Be intentional about saying ‘YES’ or ‘NO’  based on your priorities. Avoid listening to others opinions when it deflates your goals. Create a plan.

Fears- Gain confidence through small victories. The more action you take, the better you become. Luckily, we have great courage inside to draw from. We do not recognize the vastness of our abilities until we are forced to act. Why wait? Draw it forth now. Use your courage daily to become stronger and more confident. No regrets!

Indecision- If you have a new habit such as exercise, don’t make it too complicated. Create a plan so you know exactly what you are doing daily. The more similar the action, the more the brain deepens the connection in making it a habit.

Don’t be the obstacle to your dream. Stay on course to your exceptional new habit by setting your strategy to make a small but significant shift. And remember more of Les Brown’s advice:

”You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

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