10 Tips to Ignite Motivation

There is a story of a fellow confronting Zig Ziglar about how motivational speakers come around and get everybody motivated but when they leave they fall back into the same old grind. Zig’s response:

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

It is up to us to take deliberate actions to keep our motivation high.

Here are a 10 Tips to Ignite Your Motivation:

Take Exceptional Care of YourSelf- Quality foods, good sleep, plenty of water, exercise, etc. Do what it takes to feel reenergized though out the day/ week. Energy rises and falls. It is up to you to refuel.

Remember What You and Others have to Gain- What are the exciting benefits of building this new habit? The reason you really, really want this. What will you gain personally, professionally, spiritually, in character? Spend more time thinking about that and connecting with the positive vibes of success!

What will You Regret if You Quit- What is the downside of quitting, allowing your motivation to lag, or staying off track? Don’t stay with this very long. I prefer positive motivation but sometimes negatives can ignite action.

Spend More Time with Your Progress than with the Undone List- When your brain sees progress it is motivated to continue on.  Acknowledging progress and small wins builds confidence.

Be Inspired by Others- Learn about someone else’s success story. Meet with a positive friend or group. Connecting with others is a great way to feed off of each other’s energy. Just make sure it is positive energy that supports your success and fulfillment.

Keep a ‘Get an Uplift’ File- I keep an online and offline file of uplifting stories, thank you notes clients have sent, inspirational quotes, and even cartoons to have a laugh. When my motivation or mood slides down I know where to go to get an uplift.

Make a Shift in Environment- Blast your favorite tunes, change the venue, add some fresh flowers to brighten your office, light a new candle, or better yet take some time to work outdoors. Liven up your surroundings when you get bored.

Learn from Failures, Adjust, Move On- Limit whining! 2 minutes then get on with it. Yes, on rare occasions you may need more time. The point is wouldn’t you love to gather up the time we have spent on whining or feeling sad about a job loss, or failure, or the time we spent procrastinating? In most cases we should learn from the situation, get a new attitude, and head on to new, more exciting things.

Let Go of Perfection- Life is about being in action… learning, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, improving, connecting, and teaching others. Striving for excellence in each action, however, puts you in a great place for tomorrow.

Take More Action- In most cases, we often hold back. According to Life Coach Cheryl Richardson, inaction= anxiety . We find ourselves anxious when we are anticipating and not acting. As you take action on your new good habit you will get to know, love, and respect your SELF.

In our daily upkeep include motivation. Be intentional in listening to what your body needs and filling your days with inspiring experiences, people, and surroundings. Do not sit around with boredom, but get up and dance as you head out in commitment on your new good habit.

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