What does Exploring have to do with New Exciting Habits?

As a kid growing up around the hills of Pennsylvania I developed a passion for exploring. Running into the woods not knowing where the path might lead or what we might find was adventurous. Imagination took over which lead to swinging on vines across the creek, climbing up rock ridges and trees as high as we could go, flipping down off branches into a pile of leaves, and creating adventures.  So what does this have to do with habits? Here are 3 ways we need to continue exploring to solidify newly developed habits.

1- Look Under and Behind- When you are resistant or procrastinating look deeper. What is really holding you back? When you are brutally honest and find the answer, you can create a new strategy. One that will support you to take new actions (thoughts and behaviors) to strengthen your new habit while knocking down the wall.

2- Look Over- Look beyond daily tasks to what you will gain? After each small win embrace the feeling of achievement along with a reminder of what you are working towards and why. Feel what it will be like finishing your daily commitment, reaching your next milestone, and accomplishing that larger goal. How will your life be better as you reach milestones and that big goal? How will you benefit each time you following through?

3- Look Within-  Choose from all the resources within to support you along the way. We have an abundance of traits within us. Every day I read stories or talk to someone new or see on the news examples of how people, in a moments noticed, suddenly tapped into the reserves of strength, courage, compassion, perseverance, self-discipline, etc.  They are often surprised at their abilities. Whatever you need to take action, you already have! Choose and use. The more you use a trait the more confidence you will gain in that area.

When you explore, you come to have a self-awareness that will serve you and support your efforts. You will gain a better understanding of how you can best support yourself to succeed, and gain confidence as you test your abilities to do what is uncomfortable. With each failure you learn how to improve. With each success you can whoop it up and celebrate as you solidify new positive habits that realize the life you keep thinking about!

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