Boost New Habits Success with a 2 Week Plan

Boost success at building good habits with a 2 week plan.

Studies vary but have shown it can take anywhere from 21- 66 days to build a new habit. For many that can feel daunting when making a significant change.

Focusing on a micro-goal, or milestone, incorporates a key ingredient to success in your strategy: believing you can do it.

It is still essential to commit to long-term success. Continue reinforcing daily what you have to gain such as:
Losing 30 pounds → gain confidence, improve health, killer bathing suit body
Saving for a dream vacation→ what that dream vacation experience has to offer
A Savings Account→ more security, peace of mind, more freedom
Become an Expert → build knowledge, skills, and a network that will build your career, produce more money, and provide more choices
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro → personal achievement and check off your Bucket List, etc.
A popular, successful TV News Anchor here in Houston told me:

“I can do anything for 2 weeks.”

Being exposed to so many opportunities through her work, she is often trying new things.  The first 2 weeks are always the most challenging.

Reaching small milestones and creating small wins builds confidence, commitment, and leads to success.

Buckling down for this small chunk of 14 days makes the micro-goal, or milestone, feel doable and within reach. Additionally, after gaining experience and learning more about yourself at the end of Phase 1 you can regroup and tweak your plan. You might find this goal is not a top priority or what you really want. You will also have encountered and identified sabotaging behaviors so that you can create a strategy for overcoming them and improve your track record during Phase 2, the second 2 weeks.

To Get Started:

– Know the benefits of your goal and review them daily

– Have a 2 week tracking system to record daily progress- I personally love The Habits Factor app or post a monthly calendar on your wall and use a marker to display your progress.

– Focus on succeeding each day to meet your 2 week milestone. You raise your chance of success by completing your daily habit early in the day. No excuses, only results.

Upon Completion of Phase 1:

– Celebrate your progress. The reward is essential to develop a craving to continue to succeed. What have you learned about yourself? What can you tweak in your plan to set yourself up for achievement? Are there any sabotaging behaviors, thoughts or actions, that need a strategy to overcome?

– Is this a meaningful goal you want to continue to develop and focus on for 2 more weeks? Repeat the process!

At the end of Phase 2 you should be experiencing new results with the hardest month behind you. Congratulations! For choosing to develop new good habits that elevate you and many around you. Keep at it!

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