7 Tips to Spring from Procrastination to Productivity

Get moving on important actions that open doors and bring you fulfillment. Whether it is having a productive work day every day, decluttering your home or office space, or learning to get more life-changing completions behind you; the following tips will help you shift from frozen to finished.

Get to the Source-
Are you exhausted? Rejuvenate, then take action.
Feel confused about what to do? Gather more information.
Is fear binding you? Rev up your courage and do it.
Is this something you really want? Decide.
Is overwhelm causing brain overload? Get your priority to do’s on your calendar and begin. Inaction causes anxiety.
Is there a habitual thought pattern in place that needs a shift? Develop a new story (strategy).
Any issue can be resolved with action.

Strengthen Your Willpower Muscle-

As a business and life coach, I’ve heard clients say, ‘I just didn’t feel like it’ as reasoning for not taking action. Successful people do not wake up and feel like exercising first thing in the morning. They do it because it is the best choice for the results they want. Each time they are strengthening their willpower muscle until it becomes routine.

Block Time and Bundle Actions- Instead of trying to take action on various areas each day block time for peak performance. Set a chunk of time for a high priority actions/projects, bundle less important actions, to do’s, and errands into another block, and a creativity day for product development. Keep like-minded activities together. Keep your energy levels in mind as you choose when to block actions.
Pomodoro techniqueUse Time as a Tool- Use time to help you be more productive. The pomodoro technique can help. It is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s.
Here are the basics:
– Use a timer to break your work into 25 minute intervals
– After each of the first 3 pomodoro intervals, take a 3-5 minute break
– After the 4th Pomodoro interval, take a 15-30 minute break, then repeat from the start

Frequent breaks improve your focus, mental agility, and helps you to set boundaries and learn how long activities take which will help you become more productive and have more time left over for your favorite thing to do.

Prioritize To Do’s and Do in Priority- Rank action steps. Important priorities that will make you feel great at the end of the day go on the calendar. Top priorities are not always urgent, such as exercise. Yet it is critical to a high quality life. Get it done first, and you will feel amazing for following through. To do’s are more likely to get done when on the calendar instead of a list.

Lazer Focus- Avoid Multi-Tasking-  Are you driving your day or is your day driving you? Our brains were not built for toggling. Maintain focus with excellence, efficiency, and enthusiasm on one activity at a time. Overwhelm is paralyzing. Choose your focus, take action, and watch the anxiety of overwhelm fade away as you make progress that creates positive change at work and home.

Begin!- Right now. 5 minutes, 10, 15, whatever you can do right now. Take action! Begin shifting thought patterns from “I can do it later” to “I’m getting healthy… growing my business… becoming an expert… or getting that promotion one action at a time.” Keep a Victory Log until you get 100 completions under your belt. Small wins develop willpower and self-confidence.  Incredible shifts in confidence happen around 60-70.

What is one area you want to take action on? What 1-3 small steps will you take in the next 24 hrs. Break the task down into what you know you can do and begin. Make the shift from procrastination to productivity… Starting Now!

Beth Tabak of is your Good Habits Coach. She coaches self developers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to build good habits, get new results, and experience the vastness of their abilities. Learn more about Beth or her Services .

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