Entrepreneur: “I Feel Scattered All the Time” – Solutions Revealed Here

At a women’s networking event in Houston last week, a hot topic emerged. A woman spoke up loud and clear: “I feel scattered ALL the time!” Every female entrepreneur in the room was intensely focused on this woman as if she hit a cord deep within each one of them. Heads nodded in understanding. Suddenly, it was like the group was hand in hand and knew exactly how this woman felt… because we have all been there, right? How do we solve it? Overwhelm gets louder and louder until we finally choose differently. Let’s prevent that desperate point with quick solutions and stop that scattered feeling before overwhelm intimidates us into paralysis.

Girl meditating on a rock above the water in the forestGet Centered- Like a ballerina who shifts off of her core strength, being off center is dangerous. It trips you up and throws you off course.

The First Step: Imagine a line reaching out to each influence in your life. Now disconnect the lines from those who impact you ( detractors, social media, email, phone calls, etc.). Pull back to your center. Taking a walk in nature, exercise, take a yoga class, pray or meditate, and breathe deeply. Let go of expectations to handle every detail in every area. Get grounded first. Become whole and balanced again.

“Overwhelm becomes louder and louder until you disconnect and take action to center yourself again.”  CLICK TO TWEET Tweet: “Overwhelm becomes louder and louder until you disconnect and take action to center yourself again.” bit.ly/1RMTjeT #quote

Sort –  Since dumping sounds like a final resting ground, instead brain sort to organize into focused action. Helpful apps, such as Things, keeps you from re-writing. However, paper is fine if that works for you. Think of a department store. List the key departments in your life: health, personal, work or business, learning, volunteerism, organizations, finances, relationships/ networking, auto, home/yard . At the top of each department list your current top 1-3 priority actions in each area essential in reaching your goals.  Allow the rest of your to-do’s to flow out into their department.

Business coffee breakKeep the Appointment – Book important tasks into your schedule. Important actions are often not urgent, so we choose to be intentional. These tasks build willpower (a keystone habit), support goal success, and upgrade your quality of life. They are not always simple, but easy to put on the backburner which leads to regret. Make an appointment for them on your calendar. Think of it as time spent with a critical client. Plan your schedule a day in advance.

Pro-Active instead of Reactive When you plan a day ahead you save time by knowing your next best steps. You know what is essential and what can wait. You know what will be a life upgrading action. You stop reacting to every social media ping, email alert, phone call, and that pop-in person that regularly distracts you. Pro-Active is staying focused on the essential tasks that produce results.

Solidify Boundaries – To be pro-active boundaries need to be in place. Where is your time wasted? Set time limits as needed. Have the tough conversation, or close your office door to stop the interruptions. Focus on one task at a time. Acknowledge the high of completions and progress. The reward will assist in rewriting brain patterns.

Make it simple, but significantSimplify- When your plate is overflowing one of the best steps you can take is simplifying processes. Putting dishes directly into the dishwasher instead of the sink saves time. Set up a morning routine that keeps you focused and into your office quickly. Prepare the night before. A home for your keys prevents misplacing them. Look at what you do and how you can remove steps and save time. Let go of what is not important.

Now you can get off the junk food and stop frantically moving through your day. A good night’s sleep and a plan action will quiet the negative chitter-chatter and eat up your to-do list so it’s no longer the lengths of Santa’s naughty and nice list. Shift from surviving to thriving as you build new good habits for exciting new results.

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