7 Tips to Becoming a Fueled and Powered Up Entrepreneur Today

A priority for a sole entrepreneur is to put a plan in place to optimize your energy and reboot as needed. I don’t have to tell you what overwhelm and working alone does to motivation. Over the years when I’ve asked clients, ‘What are you doing to stay powered up?’ I hear replies of trying to exercise, drinking caffeine, that 3pm chocolate boost, or the struggle of whatever diet will help you drop 20. Shift focus from the struggle, the unhealthy, and what is lacking to being a fueled and powered up entrepreneur.

A Fueled Up Mindset

When you approach managing energy like maintaining a vehicle you do whatever it takes. With a fueled up mindset you get gas in your car well before running on empty and in for maintenance before being stranded. You are an entrepreneurial vehicle. Without you, there is no production. Create a paradigm shift. Food, water, sleep, exercise, and quiet time are fuel for your success, health, and happiness.

“The often ignored fuel for your success and happiness: healthy food, water, sleep, exercise, quiet time.”
Trudging through the day tired, stressed, and frustrated is more likely to lead to mediocre results. We are not in business for mediocre! Here are 7 tips to become a fueled up, powered up entrepreneur:
1) Energizing Choices- Strengthen your willpower by making choices that lift your enterprising spirit. When you make the harder, healthier choice, you experience a strengthening of willpower. This stamp on the track record of success changes your brain, which leads to a boost in confidence.
2) Comfortable, Complete Sleep- Shut down from a perpetually connected world of lighted screens. Make your bed a sanctuary for sleep, ideally with bed linens you are excited to snuggle into. Create an atmosphere to reach the best sleep possible. Our bodies need 7-8 hours of sleep, no excuses.
3) Hydrate and Fuel Up- Eat a good breakfast and hydrate. Continue with healthy, energizing, filling food choices and drink lots of water (zero calories, I might add) throughout the day. Did you know when you feel a little hungry you may just be dehydrated? When you dig your heels in and say ‘YES’ to fueling up, focus on:
– what you are adding to your life,
– the powered up entrepreneur you are becoming, and
– that exceptional feeling of high energy and accomplishment.
“Focus on who you are becoming when you dig in and say YES to fueling up with healthy choices.”
4) Move, Strengthen, or Stretch Your Body- An accomplishment first thing is a nice boost to start the day. However, stretching, strengthening, or walking throughout the day during rejuvenation breaks is energizing as well. Sitting for long periods has many downsides. Get movement in wherever you can. Speaking of breaks…
5) Focus in Blocks of Time- Shut down distractions. Set your intention on one project. Focus for 25 minutes on one project, and break for 5. Another option is 50 minutes of focus with a 10 minute break. Which one will work best for you? Working thru blocks of time sets you up to be intentional instead of reactive. Give priorities full attention during productive time. During breaks move your body and rejuvenate. Knock out a few time blocks then take a longer break as needed.
6) Strengthen Boundaries- Tolerations deplete energy. Strengthen boundaries to use your time most productively, reduce stressful situations, and complete projects that lead to that ‘productive day’ feeling.
Having solid boundaries leaves more time to do what you love with the people that make you smile.
7) Mind and Soul Renewal- Whether it is meditation or prayer, this quiet peacefulness that is a daily ritual for some of the most successful people in the world leads to creativity, calmness, centeredness. Are you willing to start with just 5 or 10 minutes per day? It can even be a rejuvenation break.

“Mind and Soul Daily Renewal- meditation or prayer quietly lights creativity, peacefulness, and centeredness.”

Optimize your energy with a plan. You can keep it simple by engaging the fueled up mindset. When you internalize the benefits of fueling up you will be more intentional with choices. With the simple tips above, you can take action right now to begin feeling better and building a track record of successes.

“Say an absolute YES to being a fueled up, powered up entrepreneur.”

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts, questions, or your first steps in the comments below. Connect on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And thank you for being here!! I appreciate you!

Beth 04-16-1Beth Tabak is a Business and Life Coach. Learn more on the Coaching Services or About Beth Tabak pages.

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