The Procrastination Reversal- 7 Solutions to Shift from Sabotaging to Successful

Getting stuck in procrastination leads to regret months or years later for not:
– putting that great idea into a book,
– asking for the position you really wanted,
– getting started exercising,
– telling more people about your fascinating business, or
– taking 15 minutes daily to clear clutter.

Reversing procrastination leads to:
– more experiences to learn from,
– success,
– a nurturing enviroment
– happiness.

This universal challenge shows up in different forms, and does not have to end in regret.

Here are 7 solutions to avoid procrastination pitfalls.

“I Don’t Want To”- Book that dreadful task or the one you have a total lack of interest in at sunrise. Ok, maybe not that early, but first thing so it’s not haunting you all day. How strong and self-assured will you feel when it’s knocked about before lunch?

That Humongous Overwhelming Project- Yeah, it often looks bigger than it is. Then again sometimes it really is big: the packed garage, cluttered basement, overflowing space, office/ paper explosion, detailed work project, or exasperating home remodel for example. Bust it down into small manageable steps. Begin with one small part you know you can complete. Is there a part you can delegate? Build your track record of small wins!

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Lack of Focus Due to Multiple Projects- Oh sorry, I was trying to pick a color to paint my office and lost track of time! I’m back now. Prioritize projects or list the various areas of your life. List the 3 most essential actions under each one. Focus on completion of one project at a time. If that is not realistic, schedule blocks of time for each on your schedule. Give it full focus taking step-by-step action during that time. Focus in 25 minute increments, then break to reinvigorate.

The Mighty Paralyzer: Fear- Stick around, the good part is coming. Get to the source of the fear. What is holding you back? Is it legitimate or irrational? Am I allowing my soul or ego to drive this choice? Will the action I am avoiding help me raise the bar and grow in character and experience? Will I have regrets if I do not follow through? Exploratory questions help you examine and decide if you are off track or if you should just do it. You learn more about yourself, and what you really want. When going for it, encourage yourself like you would a friend. Release the fear, rise in courage, forge through, and on the other side is an incredible feeling of strength for facing fear head on no matter the outcome. The gift of fear (the good part) is the opportunity to strengthen and build confidence, which adds to character.

Chaos- The clear-cut indication your time management needs an immediate makeover. Stop!! Now breathe. Slowly i-n-h-a-le… and e-x-h-a-l-e… Doesn’t that feel awesome? Take a stroll, get out in nature, exercise, create, or have fun! Press pause and get clear. Now clarify priorities. What will you delegate or let go of for now? What is an absolute YES? Use small doable blocks of time for each priority. Keep the appointments and take focused action. These small successes will deepen your level of commitment to manage your priorities and your time.

Someone Else’s Goal- Sometimes others (a boss, the volunteer coordinator, family, friends, neighbors… and on goes the list) recruit us to do what they are excited about. When you know your priorities it’s easier to set a boundary. Let them know up front you need 24 hours to decide. Accept only the part you feel good about being able to complete. If you cannot say no (such as an employment situation), then head back to the ‘I don’t want to’ section above and take enthusiastic action to get it done.

“I don’t know what to do!”-
When indecision strikes you may not yet have enough information or have it organized. Set a reasonable deadline to decide. It helps to resist getting caught up in perfectionism. Read, talk to people, or research to get the information you need to do the project, take the next action, or decide. Then follow your gut instinct. Decisions do not need to be perfect as we learn through the experience and re-adjust as needed.

Which procrastination challenge above is shouting out your name? It’s reversal time! Let’s face it, we will procrastinate on some things. We cannot do everything. What we can do is learn techniques that create solutions and take action on the important things that build good relationships, improve health, help us grow, and bring results that lead to more happy days.

Reverse procrastination, starting now!

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