Entrepreneur Spotlight- Christina Meade, Nerdy Girl Supplies

Entrepreneur Spotlight : Christina Meade, Nerdy Girl Supplies- Equipping Women with Tools for Success

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Hello Good Habits Challenge Community-

What a joy to speak with entrepreneur Christina Meade of Nerdy Girl Supplies™  who is ‘equipping women with tools for success’. What attracted me to Christina’s business is how, in her business, she has linked together her:

Passion for pretty folders, binders, and journals.

Strengths – Christina has 16 years of teaching experience.

Values – She enjoys helping others and is very involved in philanthropy through her business.

Nerdy girl self – Christina professes it’s the only way she knows how to be. Yet we know there’s so much more!

Nerdy Girl Supplies (1)All of this is rolled into her beautifully branded business, Nerdy Girl Supplies™.

We discussed the roller coaster ride of her first year. Previously, Christina assisted her husband in starting a business so this is the second time around. With all that she has accomplished I was surprised she was only in her first year! She obviously is getting the hang of being an entrepreneur. Go ahead and listen in on our chat.

Beth:  Building a new business takes building new habits to succeed. (I hear Christina agreeing). What is your initial emotion when you think about building new habits?

Christina:  It sucks. It’s hard, but I have to do this! Keep your eye on the prize.

Beth:  I love the honesty! What was helpful in creating clarity during the early chaos?

I wrote my vision and mission statement on everything from my planner to my office wall.

When there are decisions I have to make, I refer back to those. Is it rooted in my vision and mission? Will it help me fulfill them? If not, best to leave it. For the routine items, I plan the night before and prioritize the most important actions to get done.

Beth:  What new habits or systems did you put in place that have been the most beneficial?

Christina:  I ask myself, is this a money producing event? If the answer is no, it’s most likely going to be a time waster.

Beth:  Is there an old habit you had to let go of while building your business?

Christina:  Yes, television time I save for weekends. Also, I used to run all over the place to networking events. I had to stop that and focus on: where can I spend time with my target audience when they are engaged in networking and not only socializing.

Beth:  What tools do you find most helpful in staying organized? Christina has some awesome tools for planning!

Christina:  I’m not very techy, and prefer paper. I use a planner for events and goals.

I also have my wall that I lovingly refer to as my brain dump.

The wall is covered with large sheets of paper each with their own topic (Website Ideas, Collaboration Ideas, Event Thoughts, etc). When I have an idea, I write it down on one of those sheets. Now I won’t forget them. I can come back to them when I have the time instead of following the squirrel in the middle of a project.

Beth:  I use my walls, too. They can become inspirational! Is there anything else you would like our audience to know that helped you in building the habits needed to succeed in business?

Christina:  Being intentional and realistic with myself.

Making sure my actions for the day are going to move me forward towards my goals.

Sometimes that means taking the day off. Being realistic…at times we put so many items on our To Do List for the day. There is no way we can get all of it done. When we do that, we tend to feel overwhelmed. At least I do. When I feel overwhelmed, I tend to shut down. So

I write down everything that needs to get done in the coming week. Then circle the ones I think I can realistically get done the next day. Those are the ones I focus on.

Beth: Is there anything you would like to share about how a growth mindset can help an entrepreneur?

Christina: When seeing someone else’s success in an area where they want to achieve, so many people get discouraged and feel they’re not as good or, even worse, a failure.

With a growth mindset, seeing someone else’s success is motivation. It drives you to work harder and thrive.

You realize there are going to be ‘failures’ but that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. For me, the only true failure is the experience in which you learn nothing.

Beth: Do you have any additional thoughts to help an overwhelmed entrepreneur?

Christina: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Take the big, overwhelming goal and break it down. Keep breaking it down into smaller and smaller pieces until you can look at a task and with ease say to yourself, “I can do that”.

Beth: Great advice! What do you have coming up at Nerdy Girl Supplies?

Christina: The thing I’m most excited about is the Summer Business Camp for Girls happening the last two weeks of June.

I’ll be taking ten 8th and 9th grade girls from concept to actually running the business for a day.

We’ll be doing this with the assistance of many women executive advisers, and the partnership of Microsoft Baybrook Mall here in the Houston area.

Entrepreneur Spotlight- Christina Meade, Nerdy Girl SuppliesWhat an exceptional opportunity for young future entrepreneurs! You can learn more about Christina Meade and Nerdy Girl Supplies™ at www.NerdyGirlSupplies.com . To learn more about her Houston area Summer Business Camp for Girls happening in June click on the Events tab at the website.

Thank you, Christina Meade, for taking the time to chat with me by phone which turned into great value to share with The Good Habits Challenge community. I’m a big fan of what you are doing in your business and the community!


For those listening, here is your Action Step:

What one idea will you take and transform into a new habit that supports your business success?

Write it down in the comments below and in a place(s) where you will see it regularly.
Then schedule an action step, be intentional,  and begin. Starting now!

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