The #1 Habit for Individual Success

How excited and motivated would you be if you could:
build one habit ⇒  that trickled success ⇒  throughout other areas of your life?

As described in the book, The Power of Habit

“Keystone habits start a process that, over time, transforms everything.” Charles Duhigg

Now that is pretty exhilarating!

The focus on a keystone habit can
…  create a chain reaction
…  that influences actions and
…  transforms lives.

Before sharing the #1 habit we have to understand how the most transformative habits work. Hang in with me. OK? It’s worth it!

According to Duhigg, the habits that matter most are ones that dislodge and remake other patterns once they start to shift.

Change Is How We Grow Colorful Stripes SquaresWhen you start exercising regularly, suddenly you:
– Begin to make healthier food choices,
– Become more productive.
– Shift out of inertia,
– Begin gaining confidence,
– Suddenly become more committed, and
– Start making better choices.

Other areas of your life begin to change. Making your bed every morning, planning your day the night before, visualization, food journaling, and regularly eating dinner as a family have been tied to productivity and success in other areas.

So what is the #1 habit to build for individual success?
Willpower! You may feel the urge to leave or groan or thinking that building willpower is not possible for you. Hold up! Duhigg explains there is a simplified way to strengthen this essential habit.

“Dozens of studies show that willpower is the single most important keystone habit for individual success.” Charles Duhigg

Willpower is developed and strengthened through ‘small wins’ like a muscle.
Think of it this way. If you have not been working out and choose heavy weights telling yourself to ‘suck it up’, are you setting yourself up for success or failure? This approach sets most people up to fail. Depending where you currently are in willpower development, set yourself up to succeed by stretching yourself and establishing a pattern of small wins that builds the confidence to achieve more. Duhigg shares that:

A Cornell professor wrote in 1984, “once a small win has been accomplished, forces are set in motion that favor another small win.”

Making your bed in the morning, then seeing and acknowledging it throughout the day reinforces a pattern of achievement in your brain. The same as decluttering a small area or making that networking phone call sets you up to accomplish more. You more realistically begin to believe and then know you are capable of much more. You are!!

Get started today:

– Choose one small, focused, daily action you want to fully commit to that will help build and strengthen your willpower and begin a series of small wins. It can be a personal or professional action.

– Choose a structure to track your progress for the month. You can use a calendar or a good habits app to track your progress. I like The Habit Factor , however there are many including but not limited to Way of Life, and Good Habits .

– What is the trigger that will tell you when and where to take action?

– What is the reward? The reward reinforces the pattern of success. It could be as simple as sitting with the feeling of accomplishment for a moment; long enough to remember how good it feels and to want more of that. Acknowledge what you have to gain.

– What could sabotage you? Create a plan for when a sabotaging behavior shows up. It could be a thought that wants to resist change, or another person who will interrupt you, technology that may distract you. Create a plan of action.

– Let go of perfection. Aim for excellence, however, small wins tend to be scattered, not linear, before a routine is established. Staying committed when you fall off track is part of winning.

Share your success stories and challenges below. Let me know if I can help. Now tap into the willpower that is already within you. Develop, strengthen, and win!

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