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“The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, 

but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already.”  John Buchan

We are all capable of so much more than we imagine.

Beth 04-16-1Hey there-


I’m Beth Tabak – Business and Life Coach, and initiator of the Good Habits Challenge.
– Graduated from Coach U, the leading global provider of coach training programs, in 2003.

While working with clients – entrepreneurs, small businesses, professionals, realtors, teachers, creatives, and even a Hollywood star (which was not a Kardashian),  I noticed

Those who resist building new habits often:

– Do not know how and so are insecure in their track record,
– Were not aware of the essential ingredients, or
– Resisted structure to protect their freedom (which eluded them without productive habits).


Those who built up habits to tackle important tasks, be productive, and reach their goals gained:

– More  confidence and fulfillment,
– Money,
– Time for fun and
– Freedom to take on that Bucket List


I learned that:

Creating new productive habits plays an upfront, primary role in creating new results.

And is a heck of a lot more fun!


So the Good Habits Challenge came to be, where you can:

– Gain awareness to check in on how habits are filling or emptying your cup,
– Learn how to build new productive, fulfilling, or successful habits
– Get ideas for new exciting habits that can support your success and happiness


What about before Life Coaching?

–  Graduated with a BA from Shippensburg University of PA

– Award winning Realtor in Maryland- I quickly learned you can easily waste a day away by putting out fires or focusing on the wrong thing. It became essential to prevent problems and focus on actions that earn results. Built new habits, got new results.

– Co-owner/operator of a successful restaurant- Moved to Texas and purchased an in-the-red franchise restaurant (seriously… the first day people were running through the doors eating for free!). By putting new systems (habits) in place we attracted raving, quality customers and became the place-to-go for great food and fun! We rebuilt in a new location with 3 dining rooms, 7 party rooms, a large game room, and a takeout/delivery section. New systems lead to greater results.


Side Note: On my daughter’s college visit to USC (University of Southern California) we met a young 20-something who grew up having his birthday parties at our restaurant. We have met so many with awesome memories from our time there. Building new habits and systems not only effects you. It uplifts those who interact with you at home, work, and in your business.


And Then There is This:

Speaker and Author- Houston area speaker, columnist, and author to articles in thousands of publications and websites.
American Business Womens Association (ABWA)- Held many leadership roles from formation team up to President.
Awards: Diamond Award for highest level of excellence during presidency and  Woman of the Year.
Woman of Excellence- a lifetime honor from the Houston Federation of Professional Women.



An encourager, a relator, and a maximizer while having curiosity and interest in the world.

While many coaches avoid it, I actually love working one-on-one with clients knocking out the specifics.


What habits support your success (exercise, planning ahead, being proactive, self-discipline)?
Which habits sabotage and hold you back (procrastination, fear, indecisiveness, etc)?
How can you have more time to enjoy life and still accomplish goals?

The Good Habits Challenge is the place to:

– develop that discussion,
– share information, and
– encourage new action that is aligned with your authentic self


We will take action to grow together to our fullest abilities elevating those around us as we do. And laugh along the way!


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Welcome! Thank you for connecting.  I look forward to getting to know you!

Wishing you vibrant, fun, fulfilling, and productive days ahead~

Beth Tabak
Starting Now Coaching


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