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iStock-BizColleagues-XSmall“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Good Habits Coaching Services
Why Everyone Needs A Coach- Bill Gates and Google CEO in 1 min 25 sec video
Why Hire a Business and Life Coach
What Clients are Saying- Testimonials
Realizing Dreams by Connecting with Others


Good Habits Coaching Services

Woman with thumbs up gestureGOOD HABITS COACHING PLANS

Sole Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Individuals

3 Sessions per/ month $180
2 Sessions per/ month $125

Save $$ with a Coaching Package

Smart Start Package- 10 Sessions (expires in 4 mo)- Save 10%- $525

Transformational Package- 20 Sessions (expires in 8 mo)- Save 20%- $995

Small Business Coaching: 2+ employees- Contact for rates
Business and Life Coaching sessions are 30-45 minutes, confidential, conveniently by phone, and focused on you. Email support included.
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Bill Gates and Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, explaining why ‘Everyone needs a Coach’

Click to watch   — View Video (1 min 25 seconds)
The reason prices are lower here: Provide more ambitious seakers the opportunity to have a one-on-one coach and maximize growth.
CEO- Google



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Why Hire a Business and Life Coach

– Build new good habits that produce exciting results
– X-out self sabotaging behaviors
– Turn challenges around faster
– Block your time for productive returns
– Get organized and energized, and remove the drains
– Effectively manage details of growing a small business
– Clarify goals and lay out an effective strategy
– Greater focus for higher productivity
– Sharpen and leverage your assets
– Develop a healthy, confident, growth mind set
– Fresh ideas, new perspectives, explore opportunities
– Take more action than you would on your own
– Address fears and challenge yourself
– Improve decision making skills
– Self discovery and more authentic living
– Experience significant growth personally and professionally!


 Coaching entrepreneurs, professionals, and big thinkers to develop and implement new habits –thoughts and actions– that lead to exciting new results in order to experience the vastness of their abilities.

What are Clients Saying?Realtor

“I really don’t pay you enough. We need to talk about that.” Small Business Owner in Sugar Land, TX

“I began working with Beth Tabak in the third year of starting my business after a slow second year. She helped me turn things around and grow my referral business, setting me up for continued success. With Beth’s guidance, I set very high goals and as a result of her support and encouragement, I was able to meet all my goals. I would highly recommend Beth Tabak and Starting Now. She always has fresh ideas to help me move “out of the box”, which in my extremely competitive profession, was imperative to my success.”  Realtor in Sugar Land, TX

“Don’t know that I would’ve made it this far~ this fast!~ without you.” Product Designer- Tucson, AZ

“I did not realize to what extent I could benefit from having a life coach until I met Beth. She has guided me through the process of discovering who I am and what I am truly capable of accomplishing. She has taught me how to change myself from within, one step at a time. She has encouraged me to explore opportunities that I did not even realize were available to me. Beth has been a real inspiration in my life.”  Teacher from Long Island, NY

Business woman on tablet computer“Beth is an excellent business coach.  She’s easy to work with, extremely supportive, and an excellent resource person.  As a new business owner, she helped me to address my fears and explore methods and resources to build and expand my coaching business.  I would highly recommend her to any new small business owner.”  Sharon L. Mikrut, Executive and Life Coach, Create It! Coaching

“I find Beth Tabak to be an extraordinary coach and colleague with unique abilities. Her Moving Beyond Limits group is one of fresh thought provoking creativity that I HIGHLY recommend to anyone. Beth has created an environment where you WILL learn new ideas and ways of looking at life. There is something here for EVERYONE. Enjoy!”  Beth’s Biggest Fan~ Shelby Collinge- Author, Speaker, and Mindset Expert

Happy locker room woman“I did it! I am so excited. I have had a terrific week working in my business. Talked to lots of people and have made some great partnerships. I’m on a roll. I have gotten that momentum going. My business is exploding. I have been working with Beth for four months. Each week only gets better. My income has almost doubled since Beth has been coaching me! I have made many changes in my personal and business life due to Beth. My intentions and actions have greater clarity. Beth is always there to increase awareness and bring me to the next level. She has a vast amount of  insight  She shows me the way to go and sparks new ideas and ways of thinking. I love working with her. I couldn’t be doing this without her.”  Pattie Pilling, RN- Alberta, Canada

“I sure appreciate all the time you spend with me. Thank you for your caring  and added valuable service. Everybody needs a coach. I’m so glad I have you!”  Pattie Pilling, Alberta, Canada

“While working with Beth for help with my home-based business, she helped me to see that I wasn’t doing what I loved. I knew that my real passion was in the Fiber Industry, but I never thought that I could really do anything with it. Through Beth’s knowledge and resources I found that I could do what I loved and not settle for something I didn’t.  I am now spending my time researching and planning to open my business as a knitting instructor and designer.  I am really excited to be where I knew I wanted to be anyway! Thanks Beth for all your dedication.”  Fiber Artist, GA


“Wow…we are flying!” Small Business Owner in Sugar Land, TX

“I recommend using Starting Now for Business Coaching.  Beth Tabak has the knowledge and expertise needed to assist you in reducing stress so that you think clearly and focus on your business. I felt enormous relief after using Beth for just one month. She helped me to identify who my ideal clients were and to terminate business relationships that drained me.”  Small Business Owner- Sugar Land, TX

Notes from Clients

Dear Beth-
 It is difficult to express my gratitude for all you have done for me during these past years as my life coach.  You have taught me so much about who I am and who I want to be. You have believed in me every  step of the way, helping me to become a self-assured person who knows what really matters to me. You have enabled me to understand the importance of following my passion and setting goals that I could reach. You have been a source of constant support, strength, and inspiration for me throughout my journey.

It is difficult to imagine the direction my life would have taken if I had not had the privilege of working with you ~ (it’s probably best not to imagine that!)  I hope you will always know how incredibly grateful I am for the difference you have made in my life.

Beth-Happy mother and baby girl showing thumbs up in front of colosseum in rome, italy

I have been thinking of you often and of all I have learned from you during these past sessions. I now feel more prepared than ever to enter the new year with strength, optimism, open-mindedness, and peace! Thank you.

Thank you for your encouragement, guidance, and inspiration!

Thanks for keeping me on track. I’ll talk to you when I get back …!

Sailboat Sailing on Tropical Seas

Realizing Dreams- Early Experience of Beth Tabak

“One evening, many years ago, in my senior year of college I sat around the campfire on a white water rafting trip with the Outdoors Club. I was telling the supervising professor my dream was to sail around the islands in the Bahamas. The next Spring Break 15 of us, under the leadership of the same professor and at a very affordable price, drove to Florida, chartered a sailboat with a captain, and spent a week sailing and exploring islands in the Bahamas. They did this every Spring Break for years after. Our dreams may not be as far off as they seem. A dream depends on us putting it out there, taking action, and connecting with others who can help. The surprise bonus is that  when our dreams are realized it allows others to reap the benefits and experience something spectacular as well.”